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Meet Kim

Hi, I'm Kim! I am a runner, triathlete, and crossfitter! Want to know a little more about me?

  •  I have a BA in Theatre Arts from McDaniel College and an MA in Nonprofit Management from Notre Dame of MD University

  • My husband and I have been married for 10+ years

  • We have a rescue pitty named Flynn and rescue will always be my breed! 

  • I am a certified RRCA run coach and I'm working on my USAT certification.

  • I am a level 2 certified Primal Health Coach and am working on my Level 1 Precision Nutrition certification. 

I believe the best coaches are constantly learning so that they can provide the most individual coaching to their athletes! 


I became a coach because I struggled for years with my health and my weight. I was constantly dismissed by doctors because my "tests" were normal so I must be fine. Yet, I didn't feel fine! I decided I needed to find answers myself. So, I started educating myself! I was tired of being tired, overweight, and not enjoying the activities I once loved! 


Now, I'm on a mission to help others feel heard, feel better, and keep doing the sports they love doing but actually see results!

Racing details:

Total races: 75+

Marathons - 3

Half Marathons - 18

10K - 9

5K - 22

Goofy - 1 (it was awesome)

Olympic Tri - 1

Sprint tri - 6


Meet Jon

Jon here. From time to time you'll see posts here from me on training, gadgets, hobbies, or who really knows. Whenever the mood strikes me I"ll post.

Racing Details:

Total races - 83

Ironman/Full distance - 2 (training for #3)

Half/70.3 distance - 3

Spring/Oly tri - 4

Marathon - 13

Half Marathon- 17

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