1 step forward…2 steps back

I have been sick all weekend so this will be a quick update.

First off, I’m happy to announce that I was selected to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! I’m super excited to have been accepted into this ambassador program! Visit their page Girlsgonesporty.com

Second, my first giveaway was not really successful. However, I’ve done some research and have learned how to make the next one event better! So Caren, e-mail me your address!! Kelly, I’ll just hand you yours!! Let’s spread the pink love! #sweatpink

Third, I think I’m going through a late-twenties life crisis. I’m not where I really want to be professionally. I will actually admit that entering into the arts was a set back for me. Now, I have my masters and I feel like it is holding me back. So places are not considering me because they are concerned that I “have my masters” and others I just don’t have the experience. Maybe I need a real career change. Things to contemplate over some really awesome Ciao Bella Belgian Chocolate S’mores gelato (trust me this stuff is amazing, especially when your throat is sore like mine is right now!!!)

Truer words were never spoken

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