10 miles + kayaking = so sleepy

Currently I am sitting here watching Extreme Makeover – Weight loss edition. (note: I don’t like that it is 2 hours, I usually stop paying attention at some point). Watching this show makes me feel so grateful and lucky to have been able (and willing) to not only run 10 miles this morning but also join my friends for an hour long session of kayaking. I am pretty sure, however, that I will be an unforeseen level of sore tomorrow.

We started off the day with 10 miles starting from City Dock and going out to the trail and back. This horrific course (also the new A10 course) also includes 2 trips over the Naval Academy Bridge. If you have never run this bridge and would like a challenge try it out next time you are in MD. When you run it at mile 9 you pretty much want to be anywhere but that bridge.

After a quick trip to the pop up farmers market for some fresh chocolate milk (my favorite post run beverage) we were back home to shower and change. (quick side note: the best tagline ever was with this dairy which was “fresh milk only 12 hours between tit and tummy”, so amazing).  Then we were off to the park for an hour long kayaking trip.

There were 5 single kayaks and 1 double kayak so Megan and I teamed up. This turned out to be the most fun part of kayaking. Neither of us has ever been kayaking before so there were a lot of songs sung, circles made, and laughs had. (I promise to post pictures as soon as Dana sends them to me).

So recap of weekly workout

Sunday – 5 mile race

Monday – 400 meter swim

Tuesday – 1 hour spin class

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – missed workout for work

Friday – 2 miles on bike

Saturday – weights

Sunday – 10 miles & kayaking

I’m looking forward to my weekly weigh in tomorrow morning. The scale and measurements haven’t moved in 4 weeks so I’m hopeful with the increased activity I might see some movement…fingers crossed!

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