2016 Bucket List


Yea, I know everyone does one of these posts at the beginning of the year. I could tell you about my weight loss goals, exercise goals, household goals but to be honest those are all lifestyle changes I am trying to make so I don’t want to link them to a start date. Also, I began them before January so…HA!

Instead, I want to tell you all about the 2016 goals Jon and I have decided to make. While in MD for the holiday we got to talking about how Florida doesn’t really feel like “home” yet and how we really want to make an effort to get out an see more. We’ve been here for almost a year and we don’t think that we’ve seen a whole lot. For that reason we have started a 2016 Florida bucket list!

This is a list of activities or places we want to checkout in Florida in 2016. We are still working on creating our bucket list. We want to get to 12 things (get it for 12 months!!) So anyone who lives, has lived, or has toured Florida your suggestions are welcome!

2016 Bucket list:

  1. Learn to paddleboard

  2. Visit the Manatees at Blue Springs Park

  3. Visit the Lowry Park Zoo

  4. Visit Hope and Winter at the Clearwater aquarium.

  5. Go to the Strawberry Festival

more to come….

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