2018 Tri week 2 of 16

I decided that maybe if I keep a weekly log that I might stick to more of my training! I am in week 2 of 16 gearing up for Rev3 Williamsburg. I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’ve had a coach for triathlon training and it is no joke!

2 of 16

I’m not used to working out everyday let along 2x a day. I’m REALLY not used to having someone watch if I do my training or not. This accountability thing is real! I feel actual guilt for not getting every workout done last week. In all honesty, I didn’t realize how much I had to plan my life for real training.


So today I sat down and planned. I planned out my week of workouts. I wrote down what was going on at work around those workouts. I even planned out dinners that could be made in bulk so I didn’t have the excuse of cooking. I have to say, I’m already tired.


My real challenge is swimming. I know this. I have a community pool but it isn’t heated so I can’t go in the AM yet, and by noon sometimes there are other community members using it. Which means I have to PLAN to go to the community pool that is 30 minutes or more away. Cause my local YMCA is $40 a month just to go to the 1 location. Which means more time and planning.

Pretty sure I’ve decided to become a duathlete after July 8!!

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