5 races in 6 weeks

So – I love technology! I set this to post last Friday while I was away and sadly it did not post! So my Friday Five is now a Tuesday Travel! Enjoy!!

I have been traveling a CRAZY amount over the last few weeks. Anyone who says “I wish I could travel more for work” has probably never done it. With that in mind joining this Friday Five with You signed up for what, Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar on the Run was a “pick your own topic” week! I loved this one cause I had the perfect topic! My 5 races in 6 weeks. No I didn’t race. If you follow me on here (or even more fun over at my instagram page…follow me!) then you know that I work for Iron Girl and have been traveling across the US with the races. So with that in mind here is a little coverage!

  1. Iron Girl Syracuse:

This race by far had the most amazing morning view. The picture just can not do the sunrise justice. I even saw women leaving transition just to take in the beauty that was the sunrise!


Gorgeous sunrise over the lake

I think, so far, this was my favorite venue. This is where I realized that this job and this place is exactly where I’m supposed to be! It was also the most fun! From my Q&A sessions to sitting out in the middle of the water for the swim start! Just so much fun!!

Sitting out in the middle of the swim start

Sitting out in the middle of the swim start

2. Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie

OK, to start this off, if you are in the great state of Wisconsin you MUST have cheese curds. I mean they are pretty much just bite sized mozzarella sticks but they are just delicious! Trust me on this one!

Cheese curd awesomeness

Cheese curd awesomeness

This was also an excellent event! The weather was great but it isn’t the most scenic of venues. However, we had a great time exploring the Kenosha food scene and I’m super sad we couldn’t find time to visit the Cheese Castle. We did go to the Brat Stop which was pretty awesome!!

3. Iron Girl Columbia

ok kids, this race holds a special place in my heart. This was my first ever triathlon and to be able to come full circle was just amazing. My triathlon journey started with Iron Girl Columbia and the Ulman Cancer Fund and now I was on the other side!

10th anniversary shirt

10th anniversary shirt

I also got to see my family and friends on this trip. I also got to cheer on Megan and the other MMTCers at the race. All in all I love Baltimore and I love this race! I highly recommend it!!

4. Iron Girl Seattle

This race was a HUGE deal for me. Mainly because I had never been to the West Coast, hell, I’d never been further than Tennessee. So getting to see real mountains, new places, and new friends all while doing what I love!! Also, I got the opportunity to meet my Sweat Pink sister Carleeh, you should totally check out here page – here

some Seattle fun

some Seattle fun

This is an interesting race because in the crazy mountainous region that is Seattle we somehow have a FLAT course. So if you happen to be visiting the Pacific Northwest next August you should be sure to check this race out!!

5. Iron Girl Sandy Hook


Sandy Hook is actually this weekend. I’m writing this post in advance because when this posts I will be in the Garden State prepping for all the women for their race on Sunday! If you happen to see this and are doing the race please come up and say “hi” and always remember to be kind to your race staff! We have been up since 3 am to give you an amazing experience and we are doing our best!! If I don’t see you and you are racing….good luck and have fun!!

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