5 things I did this summer

Every Friday some blogs I follow do a Friday Five link up. This week I liked the topic so I decided to join in! If you haven’t you should check out You signed up for what, Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar on the Run. I actually got the chance to meet Cynthia in person this summer and she is pretty awesome! So any who, onto my Five things.


1. Team Sports


2.Running in the Heat

IMG_0698 (1)

I learned how to run in the Florida heat. I also learned how to run in the Florida heat and “almost” enjoy it. The run in definitely harder but it is very rewarding.

3.Spending time with friends and family


I spent quality time with family, old friends, and new friends. I’ve learned that it does take more effort to maintain friendships from a distance but if they matter than you make the time! As for new friendships, I learned that the internet can be a powerful thing. Without some online teams I would never have had the opportunity to meet Carleeh!



I traveled A LOT! I know I’ve done posts on facing my flying fear but this summer was huge! I went to places I’ve never been before and am SUPER excited about the places I will get to go!

5.Fitness Fun

I tried so many new fitness things this summer and I hope to try a few more. From actually following a training plan from a coach, to doing OrangeTheory. It has been a successful summer! I still really wanna try out paddle boarding! Maybe this weekend!

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