5 years and going strong

Hello blog hoppers! I’m excited to once again be participating in the blog hop with Kristy at Runaway Bridal Planner. So welcome and thanks for stopping by! We are supposed to introduce ourselves to the new readers but I did that last time! You can check out me Re-introduction here  or you can just check out my update below….better yet, do both!

So the title of today’s post is 5 years and going strong and that’s because today is my 5 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated 10 years of dating in November and 5 years of marriage today! That’s commitment ya’ll (yep I moved to Fl and now I say ya’ll. I feel like I still need a flannel shirt and cowboy boots but I have neither).

We had a fantastic wedding at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion with the reception at the Grand Floridian. I really recommend that if you are considering a destination wedding that you choose Disney. It was a truly magical day and we are hoping to celebrate our 10 year anniversary back at Disney in 5 years!

I’m happy to have found a fella that I can share life’s adventures with. From running, to triathlon, and now his amazing support of my strength training efforts I couldn’t ask for better! This year has brought about a lot of changes including a huge move to Florida but together we can do anything. Wow, that got ridiculously sappy super fast! Its probably better to say he’s a pain in my ass but I love him anyways and that’s how you know its right! I know I’m a major pain in his butt and he wouldn’t have it any other way! Tonight we are heading to the theatre (our first date was a show) to see Book of Mormon. I can’t wait to see it!

So, thanks for indulging me in a sappy post today but ya know what, it is spotlight day and I’m rolling with it! I’ll be back later this week with your regularly scheduled posting.

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