7 months ago

Do you ever have a moment while you are just sitting and waiting and something just strikes you. It happened to me yesterday while I was on the shuttle from the car rental return place on the way to Seatac airport. I was just sitting there and it struck me, this is not where I saw myself 10 years ago or even 10 months ago.

8 years ago I graduated college with a BA in Theatre Arts. I was going to become successful and maybe one day work on Broadway producing or managing theatre. I loved theatre. 1 year later when the reality that real theatre work was NOTHING like college theatre and the allure was gone it wasn’t what I loved doing. The crash in the economy forced me to find a different path.

4 years ago I graduated with an MA in Nonprofit Management and took a job with a local SPCA. I LOVED helping animals. I loved managing events and working with people. I was there for 3 years. For as much as I enjoyed working with the animals the rest of the job was sending me into a personal downward spiral.

Just this last week I realized I had hit my 6 month mark at work and this week we will hit our 6 month mark in Florida. And I can say without a doubt that 7 months ago I would have denied ever being in this place in my life.

I actually LOVE my job. I talk about my job next year easily. I actually enjoy Florida and the new people I am getting to know. I’m excited about the improvements I can make to my work and the places it might take me.

7 months ago I would have never thought I would take a job that required me to travel to the extent that I am traveling. A whole new world is open to me and I’m excited. 8 years ago if you had told me I’d be a national event series manager I would have probably laughed. Now, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing!


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