This post was originally going to be called T.I.T.S. but I figured it might get the wrong kinda traffic. Then I would get angry comments and the such so I just went with time. T.I.T.S in an acronym I learned recently. It sands for Time in the Seat.

I’m a nervous person when it comes to the bike portion of my triathlon training. I appear to have a fear of falling. I really think I am going to fall off the freaking bike. Currently I am working on not slowing down when I am going downhills. The bike is the hardest part of the triathlon for me. I’m new to the world of gears and how to make them work when, oh say, climbing hills.

Now currently I own a Trek Fitness bike which when I bought it over a year ago seemed like a great bike! I just wanted to start riding. I really like my bike. It looks good, rides well, and served its purpose. That is until I rode the Iron Girl Columbia bike course (which will be my first sprint distance triathlon next Sunday). This is what it looks like –

Not too shabby if you are simply looking to ride along nice flat trails. Maybe you want to do some long rides along the beach or something. However, when you want to compete with others this is not the bike to choose. Maybe if you are doing nothing but super sprints with less then 10 miles to cover. But with the 17 I have to cover next week this bike is HEAVY.


Trek Women’s Fitness Bike

Now my husband realizing my competitive nature and my love of things that are new and shiny made me a deal. If I stuck to my training and completed Iron Girl Columbia then he would buy me a new bike for Christmas. I have my eye on this shiny little number


Orbea Onix Dama

It is shiny, it is pink, and it is awesome! However, if you compare the 2 pictures you will notice that on the fun new bike the seat is higher than the handle bars. Again, this is where my fear of falling comes in. You mean I have to lean forward the whole time and not fall? I see people do this all the time, however, it still freaks me out. I’m told this is where the time in the seat comes in. The more you do it the more comfortable you become with it. So with that said, over the past few weeks I have been something I never would have thought of doing…riding my bike on the road in traffic. It is a truly terrifying experience. It gets easier each time but still. Cars whizzing past you! GAHH!

So I will get better it just takes time. Can’t expect miracles in 8 weeks!

How do you deal with new experiences or riding in traffic?  

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