A 12 challenge

Today is 12-12-12. Being someone who can never remember what the date it I love days like this. SUPER easy to remember. So, with Sunday’s race being a successful (in that I finished) I now have to ramp it up!

On Monday, I took a rest day, got in the pool instead. SOOOO excited cause we took a swim lesson and Jen and I learned how to swim while keeping our faces in the water. Step 1 to successfully completing a tri in June!

Yesterday, I planned on doing my usual 2 miles, however, a sick volunteer forced me to work late at an event which blew that out of the water. Since, Jon and I have a weekly deal of gym nights so someone hangs out with the pup.

So tonight, as a motivator, I’ve decided to participate in a 12-12-12 challenge. I’m going to do 12K tonight.


From a fav blog Run with Jess – visit her FB page

7.45 miles is doable. Besides, there is nothing good on TV on Wednesday night so it is a perfect night to do it. So consider taking on the challenge tonight and pick one. Run 12 miles, Bike 12 miles, Run 12K or bike 12K. You know you want to join in!!

Which 12 will/did you do today?

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