A 2 tri household

So today is Valentine’s Day. So it is kinda fitting that today’s post would feature the husband. I thought that living in a 2 runner household was difficult but living in a 2 triathlon household is even harder.

Triathlon training requires a significant amount of time and commitment. I mean we both went from 2 – 3 workouts a week to 6 workouts a week. My typical schedule now consists of

5am – wake-up

5:30am – either workout or shower depending on schedule

6:30 – prepare lunches for the day and make breakfasts (he won’t eat if I don’t make it!)

7am – get ready for work

7:30 – walk dog

7:45 – out the door for work

8 – 4:30 – work!!

5pm – workout

6:30pm  – make dinner

7:30  – 9 – catch up on work if needed, walk dog if the boy doesn’t, catch up on some TV

9pm – bedtime (I’m old)

Now the boy doesn’t typically get to the gym until about 6pm so he usually get home until 7:30 or 8. Plus he is working on his master’s thesis so that takes up a good bit of time! So typically I see him for about 15 minutes in the morning and maybe an hour at night. So how do we make this work??

Well, now that we both swim some nights we will head to the gym together and share a lane. I’m still a slow swimmer so I like to swim with him. He doesn’t outwardly judge me or make me feel bad for being slow! Occasionally, when we are both at home he will run on the treadmill while I bike or the other way around.

It can be difficult but thankfully we are both only children so we are totally ok with apart time. We also have our own running/workout partners. I am spending Valentine’s Day tonight with my training wife at swim clinic and he is actually spending the morning of our 2 year wedding anniversary with his running wife (he and Bob can sort out which is which, lol) going for a long run!

However, it is great to have the mutual support and understanding that both of our training goals are important! So when things get rough and I’m sure they will. There is someone at home who gets it and can help get you out of it!

We also trained together for our first Goofy's!

We also trained together for our first Goofy’s!

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