A better you??

I read an article in the latest edition of Women’s Running called ” A Better You” It was basically all about why we fail at New Year’s resolutions and how we can find success in achieving our goals. One of the suggestions from Tina Lensing (a mindset coach) was to choose a theme word for the year, such as connection or sovereign. I thought this was an interesting concept and I considered what my word would be.

The word that kept, and continues to pop-up is survival. Which is an odd choice of words because I’m not really fighting anything. If I’m being honest, I have things pretty good. Why would I keep coming back to this word?

Then I realized I’m trying to stay healthy and active to avoid health issues. My dad, who thankfully just had transplant surgery after waiting for years, has had MASSIVE health issues. I’d list them here but that’s kinda his thing and not my place. However, it truly scares me to think that I could end up like him. (BTW he is doing ok right now).

Then I realized that I’m in a vicious cycle. I try to do the right things, they are hard to stick to, I give up and fall off the wagon. Something bad happens, I get back on the wagon, get unmotivated, and fall off again. Now, if I can admit that I’m doing this and recognize it then why can’t I fix it? I guess the real thing is that when you are 32 and half your father’s age you know where you don’t want to end up but it is hard to envision yourself there. Maybe, it isn’t the best motivator for change.

So, while I contemplate how to find a true motivator to stick to my health and fitness goals in 2018. Tell me, what are your motivators? Maybe I’ll be inspired!!

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