A Fresh Start

So, the other day I wrote about that not so magical number. It still makes me unhappy! However, I sat down with my husband and talked about my concerns. I love that he is super supportive about these things! He was even supportive when I told him I had gone through the pantry and the fridge and threw out all the unhealthy, super processed foods. I did leave his ice cream but that’s ok cause I don’t like that flavor…only he eats it so no temptation there!

The planning begins now. I’m terrible at planning meals but I have a fun new chart to do. So my workouts are already scheduled for next week (6 of 7 days) and tomorrow I will plan out the meals for the week so that I can go shopping on Sunday (well since it is superbowl Sunday here in MD, GO RAVENS) maybe I will wait until Monday.

I have started today off the right way. I had 2 scrambled eggs, a cup of coffee (however, I’m not giving up creamer at this point), and 2 turkey sausage patties. I’m at home again today to finish up my online web classes for work so I have my crackers and hummus ready for a snack during the break. Then I will figure out lunch, maybe some soup since it is snowing here!

And because I love my pup, here is a video of his first snow adventure. Apparently, the dog that is afraid of water LOVES the snow!

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