A minor setback

So if you read my race report for Zooma and/or Dragonfly Heart Tri you know that I thought I was fighting an achilles issue. I knew it was even more of an issue when I was at my Team Challenge event weekend and walking uphill the 1.5 miles back to the car it started to seize up!

Following Dragonfly I talked to my primary care doctor and got a referral to a Physical Therapist in my area to take a look at it. The verdict is in. I have a strained (maybe a type 1 tear) in my Soleus muscle. The Soleus muscle is a broad muscle in the lower calf, below the gastrocnemius, that flexes the foot to point the toes downward. I assumed it was my achilles because it felt like a really tight pull and a ball in my calf. Turns out this is a common injury for over-pronators like myself but it is a difficult muscle to injure.


So the hitch is that for the next month I’m not allowed to run more than 2x a week and only light short runs. I have been told I can do my tri in August because biking and swimming is perfectly fine. However, since training will be light it looks like the Annapolis 10 miler at the end of August may be out! I also won’t know until August 1 if I can do my olympic tri in October.

If it isn’t better by August 1 then i get to go for MRI and/or X-rays to get a more in-depth look. Until then I get to go to PT 3x a week for 4 weeks and work on getting my muscle back into shape!

My new training plan begins next Sunday (July 14) so I’m going to take my training easy while I implement the stretching exercises I’ve been given (2x a day everyday plus icing). It sucks to be sidelined but better to fix it then to mess it up more!!

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