A reminder of what’s important

I think yesterday gave most runners and their families a moment to reflect. Not only on the importance of their families and the sport but also on the deep rooted connection runners have with one another. No one posted about, “how much it sucked that they trained and couldn’t finish”, or how “the race organizers should have kept it going” everyone pulled together to make sure everyone was safe. They banded behind the BAA and supported every decision they made. It was truly remarkable!

I remember 2 years ago this was a big worry at the Marine Corps Marathon/10K because of a sniper that was shooting at the landmarks that everyone ran past. We ran that race and passed a number of armed guards on the course. However, at least we knew of the threat!

Today I will join with my fellow runners and sport a race shirt (my A10 not only is blue but also a polo acceptable for my work meeting today) and I will run the 4.09 miles! Just as a reminder that I am lucky enough to be able to run today. Sometimes we forget the simple pleasure that is our run and our running families! I am thankful for the friendships that I have made through running and today, even more, I am grateful for your friendships!


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