Am I injury prone or something?

I’m beginning to think that one injury begets another injury. About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with a stressed tibia. Meaning it wasn’t a stress fracture but it was pretty damn close.

So the doc recommended specialized arch supports and a neutral shoe (instead of my current stability shoe). So I did the slow adding in of the orthotic so as not to hurt myself (irony). However, they did not tell me to slowly integrate the shoe!

After running a few miles in the new shoe I wore it in a half marathon. I did not have the usual leg pain but my gait was still off and things just felt wonky (yea wonky). Now, when I run I have a pain that starts in my achilles tendon and wraps all the way around. Based on my self-diagnosis I think it is achilles tendonitis. However, Jon yelled at me yesterday to stop self-diagnosing and call the doctor.

So, in the interest of avoiding pain, I decided not to run the 5 miler I signed up for this Saturday. I will (as the husband suggests) call the doctor today and figure this out. I hate that this is cutting into my training. Is it weird that when you can run you don’t always feel like it but the minute you can’t run you want to do it all the time??

Have you ever had 1 injury lead to another injury?

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