Amish Country Bike Ride – recap

Such a busy weekend! I love 3-day weekends, I never get enough of them! Typically, my work week is Tuesday – Saturday so I have to plan to take time off on a Saturday (yes it blows as much as it seems). So we signed up to do the Amish Country Bike Ride a few months ago. I wanted a reason to bike more, a motivator if you will. And there it was!

Ok now I’m going to be totally honest here, I didn’t know that Dover, DE had Amish people. Had I not seen the 1 horse and buggy go down the street I still wouldn’t believe it. Also, had there not been a pie stop at mile 20 (with some freaking A-mazing pie and oatmeal cookies) I wouldn’t believe this tour had anything to do with anything Amish.

This was my first real bike ride! I’m glad I did it. I wanted to ride something that wasn’t a race first and this was perfect for that goal. Now the night before I realize that I have never ridden my bike when it wasn’t on the trainer, at least not for a number of years. So, a quick trip to Target the night before to obtain a helmet was a good idea!

The tour has a  mass start at 8am but bikers can start anywhere between 7am and 10am. This is nice. We didn’t have to get a room we just left at 7am from home and made the 45 minute drive and got there around 8:30 (we hit part of the mass start or we would have been there sooner). We got our gear together, did tire checks, and were ready to roll!

I rocked my new Pearl Izumi shirt and my Skirt Sports bike skirt (which was amazing)! I love this skirt I will need to get at least 1 more. The padding is great, it wasn’t until mile 18 or so that my butt started hurting.

I used my Schwinn mountain bike for this ride. At about mile 5 I decided that this bike sucked for this type of riding. Besides the fact that apparently only 3 of my gears worked, it was heavy and I had a hard time keeping up with the group. If it wasn’t for my wonderful husband sticking with me I think I would have HATED this ride instead of just disliking it.

I have to say, I really disliked this ride. I know Jen loves it and the pie and after-party food were some of the best I’ve had. I just, didn’t get the point. Maybe that’s how I will feel about all bike rides but that is just how I feel. There was nothing really to look at except fields, and I spent most of the ride B-O-R-E-D outta my mind. Guess like in running, I am an a.d.d biker. I need there to be a purpose or a goal. A medal, a shirt, a charity, something! Why spend money to ride on roads that aren’t closed. I could have ridden my bike to the grocery store, bought a pie, eaten it, and rode back home. That would have cost me about $5.

So, if biking it your thing and all you want to do is bike all the time then this is your ride! You will love it! If you need more of a purpose, do a tri (or a charity bike ride).

However, after spending 18/25 miles hating my bike and swearing to buy a new one I did. Yesterday, I bought my first big girl bike. Which I will share more about in another post this week! So what do you think about bike rides compared to races?? I would love to hear other folks take on this!

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