An ode to fall

Ok maybe not really an ode cause who has time for that lyrical crap anyways. It just sounded better than to say I miss fall. Or what I think of as fall.


The move to Florida meant the lost of drastic seasons. The day before we moved it snowed 8 inches. You know what you don’t have to do in Florida? Shovel sunshine! When we told everyone we were moving and even when we got down here everyone kept saying “you will so miss snow”! No, I can promise that I will not miss snow. Should I ever feel nostalgic for frozen water I will go get a snow cone, or better yet, book a flight to somewhere with snow. Let someone else take care of it and then come back home to sunshine.

What I do miss right now is fall. It was, and still is, my favorite of all seasons. You get all the greatness of it being just cool enough while not actually needing a jacket. You also get that distinct change of season. I will miss the hoodies, and the sweaters, and the cute boots. I LOVE fall outfits. The idea of cuddling up with some hot cider or cocoa. Heaven.


Now, I’m having to start wrapping my head around fall here in Florida. Fall here means amazing weather but it is more like spring. Yesterday, it was 80 degrees, and I’m seeing friends back home in sweaters. Time to learn what fall can be here. Time to create new transitions and learn the fun things to do for fall in Florida! 


Maybe this weekend we will go get a pumpkin and some fall staples. Decorate for halloween a bit and see if we can get into the spirit!

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