And we are back

So, we got back late Monday from our first non-race vacation and our first cruise. 2 very big deals in this household! I have to say that I LOVE cruising. We have even booked our second cruise for next December. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m more excited about 1)the second cruise, 2) being Castaway club members, or 3) Mickey’s very merry Christmas party! Ohhh, I bet that means the cruise will be Christmas themed…..

So our cruise was a 7-night cruise. We started at Port Canaveral, Fl. We then had 2 days at sea which I thought would be dull but were actually packed full! First stop was St. Marteen, then St. Thomas, then Castaway Cay, then back home.

I can honestly say that I have no desire to every cruise on any other liner than a Disney ship! However, I do have a 10K this weekend that I believe the cruise has made just a bit harder, lol.


Me at Castaway Cay with a delicious Konch Kooler


Jon and me on formal night

Amazingly, Jon and I even  took 2nd place in the funniest costume contest. Believe it or not, we not only were told multiple times that night that it was epic but we were actually stopped the next day when we were not in costume. Although the best part had to be the lounge singer who stopped mid song to make the doppler effect noise as Jon walked by and then just kept singing.


The Shamy

I also got some exciting news yesterday that I will post about later!!

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