Back to the Grind

So, after a blissful 5 days off from work it is back to it. I also took 4 days off from working out. After Friday’s 14 mile run I caught up on DVR, wrapping gifts, some last minute shopping, and baking.

Now, it is back to reality. Thankfully, I only have to make it 13 more days until I get to go on vacation again to Disney! On other fun news, I got a good bit of fun running gear for Christmas. Not sure which I’m more excited about. The Fly-by long-sleeve Under Armour shirt my mom got me (it is awesome it is a turtleneck that you can pull up over your mouth and nose when it is cold) or the “Who moved the finish line” shirt that my aunt got me. She thought it was so funny cause Megan and I recently experienced a race where they cleaned up the finish line before we got there.


Did you get any good loot for the holiday?

In other news, get ready for a fun challenge that myself and another running/blogging friend of mine will be launching for the new year! Details coming soon!!

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