Beginning the sugar detox…again

Sugar (ah honey honey You are my candy girl And you got me wanting you) oops wrong one, but I love me some Riverdale! Anyways, sugar is my vice. Everyone has one, sugar is mine.

I went to the doc last month and was like, “what gives?” I’m eating like a rabbit (vegetarian), I’m working out at least 5 days a week for longer than 30 minutes. Why am I still overweight? He said “let’s do some tests and try some things”

Well the tests came back and his exact words to me were “your numbers are stupid good” time to try eliminating things. He suggested I start with sugar. And here we are…

I’ve done this once before but it is kinda hard to maintain. I mean it’s my drug of choice. So here’s how I’m rolling with it (and in all honesty, I’ve lost 3lbs in 2 weeks so something is working):

Substituting with natural sugar

I used to use grapes and oranges but I didn’t find that nearly as satisfying. However, while I was at the Gasparilla expo they were sampling Medjool Dates. I’ve never tried them cause honestly I don’t like prunes or raisins and this looked like both. Surprisingly, I really liked them! I’ve even bought more since then! I also like that they are high in potassium because I also don’t like bananas and I’m told this is a good replacement! I started buying the pitted ones from Natural Delights but buy whatever floats your boat!

2. Cheese

If I’m really struggling I’ve found that something high in fat will work. I’m been going with a bit of brie because of the creamy texture.  I’ve also read that high fat messes with your craving centers or something like that (I’m no scientist) and it does seem to work.

3. Non-sugary beverages

Yep, I do like the occasional coke or root beer but that’s not really the best idea for me. Thankfully, I have no real issue with water. However, when I want something that isn’t a sugar bomb I’ve been going to no-sugar sodas. My go-to’s are Zevia or Celcius. Mainly though I’ve been really enjoying Celcius because it is high in caffeine which is great pre-workout or early day slump!

These are my top 3 go-to’s but in all honesty I miss dessert! It is taking everything not to want to go get a Frosty and some French fries! Target is the devil with all their yummy looking Easter candy like get my that Reese egg STAT! However, I know if I fall this early on then I’ll just keep the bad habit. So no cheating….yet!

Anyone have any brilliant ideas for me to try?

Also, this post is in no way sponsored. I just really like the above things and thought I would share 🙂

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