Being Touristy

I know I’ve been absent a while! I’m thoroughly loving the Florida summer! Last year we were acclimating and figuring out life. This year we are exploring and actually doing things!

In July, Stephanie and I went to the MyY2k tour. It was a concert featuring Dream, O-Town, Ryan Cabrera, and 98 degrees. Due to crazy storms they cut Ryan Cabrera but I didn’t really want to see him anyways. However, I did get to check out an event at the Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheatre.


then 2 weeks ago our friend Jen came to visit! We took her to the Columbia Café, walked through Channelside, and took in the Florida Aquarium!


I’ll be honest it is not the National Aquarium in Baltimore but it wasn’t too bad! We checked out the fishies and all the animals to the state. It was pretty awesome and informative.

Then last week Jon and I headed back to MD for my college roomies wedding!


She was gorgeous and the venue was absolutely her to a T! I forget how much I miss my college friends until we all get together! I love these stupid nerds and can’t wait for another Disney reunion in January!


So, as you can see in addition to training and checking out Tampa things have been pretty swamped! I’m gonna try harder to update here but no promises! I am super active on Instagram so go follow my escapades over there

Happy August!!

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