Best laid plans

So last Sunday was the Ft. Richie Triathlon. It was also my first DNS in triathlon. I’m glad I didn’t race. After being cleared from PT I’ve been feeling great! No reason to mess that all up with a silly race. Since everyone else was racing and I wanted to still help I emailed the Race Director, Ken, to see if I could help in transition. I love volunteering in transition because it assures that you see all your people 2x while still giving back. The email I receive back says “we still need a transition director, any chance it could be you?” Why yes, yes it could!

So Sunday am I rolled into transition at 5am to get set-up. The first thing he says to me is “you have all these cars in your transition area. Could you get them moved out of here.” I just kind of starred at him until he cracked a big smile and explained it to me. Apparently, the park had booked a wedding the night before the race. They had gotten permission to leave cars there overnight (without talking to the race) to bus people to the hotel who had a little too much to drink. So 6 cars in our transition later! He warned me I”d have to deal with these folks as they came to retrieve their cars…at some point.

That some point came around 10:30am (right before an 11am check out). Which also happened to be the busiest time of the race. Now the bride and groom were stellar! We even took pictures of them at the finish. They were completely understanding and we worked with them to get their car out in-between riders.

Check out that silver car by the arch! Not their car but one of the 6

Check out that silver car by the arch! Not their car but one of the 6

Now, when some of the guests arrived (very obviously hung over and in 2 cases still VERY drunk) it wasn’t as pretty. The one guy I explained as redneck angry. He just lit up a cigarette (in transition) and flailed his arms and yelled that we couldn’t get him out for 15 minutes. Come on folks 15 minutes!! Yea it ended up being 20 but you are the one who got so drunk you couldn’t drive home! I apologized to the MOB and explained that since we had rented the space and permits we chose to build transition around the cars instead of having them towed away. She was also very grateful after this!

After waiting about 20 minutes they decide it was too long. So they started removing the steaks from the ground that held up the fencing. I advised them they could do this but we were not liable for any damage their cars received from the curb. Up and over they went! Honestly, I was grateful they were gone!

A HUGE thank you to all the racers who also found this to be extremely funny and joined me in a good laugh! Thanks to the bride and groom for being very patient and understanding of the situation. Being volunteers we did the very best we could. To the 2 drunkies that gave me a hard time! There is a special place in hell for you!

So kids, this just goes to show you, races never go as planned. Believe it or not, your race director and volunteers could be dealing with some crazy stuff you never know about. Or, maybe your bike rack is in front of a mini van and you realize things are a little off! Just remember to go with the flow in transition and enjoy the help from the volunteers!!

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