Bibrave Product review – Orange Mud gear pack

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud gear pack to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Ok, so in full disclosure, and if you watched my first Bibrave video you know that I am new to the gear pack. I’ve never really had a need for the gear pack because, if I run long distance I’ve used a waist pack. I was really looking forward to trying out the Orange Mud Gear pack v2.


Orange Mud v2 gear pack

I will start by saying that all of the above items are legit! The trash pocket is an awesome idea! They have obviously put a lot of time and research into making a solid product here!

The chest straps slide up and down to find the best fit possible. I liked that the side straps had a little hook so if there was a bunch of extra strap you could lock that down! Cause honestly who wants to keep feeling a strap bounce around while running?


Front of pack

The pockets are legit! The big pockets held my iPhone 7 with room to spare! I love the trash pocket idea because far too many people just chuck their gel packets or such on the ground. Anything that is friendly to mother nature I love!


Back of the pack

After a little trial and error. I figured out how to open the water pouch that secures in the back. It did seal up nicely and I never had any spillage issues while running. It also did sit nicely between the shoulder blades so it was comfortable. It didn’t feel like it was bouncing along with me or anything.


starting out run

All in all the Orange Mud gear pack v2 is an excellent product. It is well build and really has the athlete in mind with regards to design.

That begin said, I don’t think I am a gear pack runner. I will seriously take it hiking with me cause I think it would be amazing! However, I’m in Florida where it is already sticky mid-April. I want as little clothing as possible since I’m already a heavier runner.

Now, if I were running a marathon or training for a trail run this would be awesome. You need something to keep your hands free and have your stuff with you! This is great if you want to (or need to) carry a lot of stuff with you!

Want to try the gear pack out for yourself? Bibrave has this great 15% off code for you BRGV15 – The Orange Mud Gear Vest retails for $109.95 and is available in black/orange, black/green and white.

They also have a lot of really awesome other gear! I’m gonna need to get me some seat covers and possibly a gym/tri bag!

I know a lot of my fellow Bibrave Pro’s LOVED this bag and I totally see why! As they post their reviews I’ll link them here so you can take a look and what they have to say! Then you can go try it for yourself!

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