Bored running

Oh man I am so behind on posts in the past week! Sorry kids! The In-laws were in town and it majorly threw me off. One thing I did learn from their visit was that apparently I have a routine that I didn’t realize I had. I found out (or figured out) by process of elimination that the reason for my TERRIBLE insomnia was that I was working out very close to bedtime. In order to fix that I’ve had to become a morning runner. This was thrown off last week cause I didn’t want to wake the in-laws by treadmill running at 5:30am. This apparently made me very cranky! Who knew?

Anyways that isn’t what this post is about in the slightest. It is about being bored while running. Do you get bored while you are running? I have found that after about 4 miles of running alone, I’m kinda done. I don’t want to push myself, I don’t want to try harder, I just want to be done. I was forcing myself to answer these questions on my lonely 8 miles this past Saturday. Why wasn’t I trying to do better? Why was I walking so much? And then it hit me, I was bored.

I wasn’t bored like, I MUST RUN FASTER TO BE DONE SOONER bored, I was just, why am I out here still bored. I knew during this run I wasn’t going to be able to fix that so I just bagged the workout. I mean I did a little under 8 but still.


Now, this does not mean that I like treadmill running, I don’t. I like that I can watch a movie or something while doing it but I still find the treadmill to be kinda sucky.

SOOOOOO how does one fix this? After track this morning I grabbed my coach and asked. Easy right? ‘Hey Coach, I’m bored on my long runs, how do I fix it?” Her suggestion was podcasts or books on tape. And ones that I find interesting or entertaining. This way I’m still running but my mind is active.

I’m gonna give it a try this weekend. Anyone have any podcasts they would suggest?

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