Breaking down the brick wall

So, whenever things get tough for me in life I turn to a book I read a number of years ago. You may have read it, “The Last Lecture” you can also actually watch The Last Lecture or Achieving your childhood dreams on youtube it is excellent. It always seems to put life into perspective for me. My favorite two lessons from this book are

1) Always consider what’s the worst that can happen? Will I be eaten by wolves? Nope, not gonna be eaten by wolves…so I might as well make the ask or do the thing.

2) Brick walls are there for a reason. They tell us how bad we really want something. If it is worth it we will find a way over the obstacle. If it isn’t then we won’t try. So with everything we have to decide is it something we want bad enough.

With those things in mind that is how I am tackling 2013. I have already started actually.

1) Things are work were looking like a perpetual brick wall that I wasn’t willing to push through. Then I decided that I had to try, at least 1 more time. And now I am planning my first 5K race for work and I’m jazzed!

2) I need to get back into making my health and fitness a priority. So in an effort to make that happen I teamed up with Jenny to do a mile a day challenge in January.

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