Bringing the Sunshine Edition

So I had a weird conversation was had the other day and it got me thinking. My good friend Emica had come down from Maine to visit us. We are still kind of unpacking from our awesome Florida trip and she was asking questions. We were telling stories about the wedding and how much fun it was. She had seen my tracking of the wedding via Facebook pictures! Even Jon was contributing to the stories and getting very animated. Which is very out of character for him.

I was showing her the video of Nate as the ring barer and we were talking about his fallen droid picture.

The Fallen Droid

This seems to be a completely normal kid thing, you know parents dressing you up for their own amusement, I would totally do the same! Except that Nate isn’t your completely normal kid. You see Nate has Down Syndrome. To be completely honest, I knew very little about Down Syndrome until I met Andi & Nate through Running of the Ears. (Check out Andi’s awesomeness on her blog at Bringing the Sunshine) However, this in no way defines Nate. He is the happiest, most well-behaved kid I have ever hung out with. Maybe one day, if she hasn’t already, Andi will post about the horrible aftermath of our trip to O’hana. (I promise it is gross, I’m lucky she allows me to be around after that)

Anywho, While chatting with Scott (a.k.a Mr. Andi) he was giving me a speech about how the hurricane was “gonna mess us up in Maryland”. I said only he would bring that up being that he works for the power company. Without missing a beat he segways on me and says, “Wanna see a video of a bullfrog in a boot”. Now imagine that sentence is in a southern accent  with lots of excitement. I’m not sure being from Maryland that I have ever used the word bullfrog in a sentence. If I did I was not being serious, which he was. There was totally a video of a bullfrog in a boot. I have to mention that he filmed this short video on his iPhone. This was the first time I’d met Scott. So I’m happy to know he was totally comfortable showing me his home movie of torturing a co-worker (again, I would have totally done the same). After actually watching this video of a bullfrog in a boot (ok at this point tell me you haven’t read “Bullfrog in a boot” and laughed a little cause it is funny) Andi walked up and asked if Nate was ok (he was passed out on the couch, see pic above). To which Scott replied “I saw him twitch a few times”. Then Andi went back and forth about waking him up so he could dance cause she loved to watch him dance. (Now after seeing the Safety Dance video of Nate I totally see why)

Sooo, I told you that story so I could get to the point of my weird conversation, If you have stuck around awesome!!

While chatting about our trip Jon says, “If we were going to have a kid I would want it to be just like Nate!” Now, this is out of Jon’s character because we have NEVER wanted children.

Quick Sidebar here – Jon and I, at this point in life, have talked and decided we don’t want children. Even though he thinks people, like him, with his intellect should procreate, we are selfish only children and have no desire. My husband is Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, to give you a visual! End sidebar

I love Nate, like I said he is an awesome kid, but I still really don’t think I want kids. However, I was shocked at my first thought. You would think it would be that I wouldn’t want to have a kid with a developmental disability. Instead it was, we would never be as awesome parents as Andi & Scott to deal with that. I actually looked at Jon and said “You are far too paranoid to be as awesome as them. Our kids would turn out horribly”. They don’t treat their kids any different then any other parent would. I was in awe during the wedding when something that most parents would freak out over happened they just kept dancing and didn’t make a big deal out of it. I could never see Jon handling things calmly in situations like that. He can’t let things just “roll” which means I would be stressed out all the time. To which, Andi  & Scott do not seem to be. If they are in the privacy of their own home, I wouldn’t know it! But after the bullfrog story (he was so animated, still my favorite story of the week to tell) I believe that Scott really is a down-to-Earth parent, which makes those kids so very lucky!

I believe these kids (Sarah Kate & Nate) will grow up to be some of the most well-rounded kids. Even better Andi & Scott are an inspiration to those of us at the age of considering kids. I truly don’t know how they do it. Yet, I know that I have never looked at Nate as “different” and I believe that is because Andi never has. It is a part of him but it is only a small part. He even made my “Sheldon-like” husband consider kids for a short period of time and that is no easy feat!

And because I need to share just a little more awesome! The full Star Wars Experience! (Thanks Andi, I borrowed!)

The Fallen Droid is upright!

Hope you enjoyed a little sunshine this morning!

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