Can we just stop with the soda theory now??

ok, ok, ok – I’m so tired of seeing all these posts from women’s magazine, health magazines, healthy pages, etc that tout giving up soda for weight loss.

“See how Jenny gave up soda and lost 112lbs”

“Sally gave up her daily soda and she is half her size”

“Peggy gave up soda and can now fly”

Like come the hell on! There is absolutely no way that they gave up a soda habit and dropped all this weight. Maybe they stopped drinking soda, started an exercise routine, and started clean eating and over 12 months lost 100+ lbs. I say this cause losing weight is H-A-R-D! It is not a give up your daily soda or latte and you will magically lose weight. STOP SAYING THIS CRAP!

I just hit my 20lbs lost mark this week. I’ve been trying since January. I’ve fallen off the horse. I’ve plateaued and needed to figure out new ways to make it work. Most of it has been in the last 2 months. I got serious and changed my diet drastically. Yes, I still have a soda now and then but usually it is a treat after a really hard workout.

So please stop posting that giving up soda will fix all! It won’t. Please stop believing that giving up soda will cause you to lose all the excess pounds, cause it won’t. Smart eating and regular exercise will help you lose weight!

Good luck in your journey!