Certified Race Director

So I’m working on my final test to submit to become a certified  USAT Race Director. I completed the classes last week and I am very excited.

Want to meet my class of fellow race directors?


Yea, we totally had a class photo!

I got to meet a lot of other race directors, learned a lot of tips and tricks, and got really excited about directing races. Unfortunately, as i sat in the class I realized that a nonprofit wouldn’t actively put out the money to create a triathlon. So, I started researching. None of the local groups in my area were looking for assistance. Then when I was looking for timing for my own 5K in May I saw something. A local company was looking for a race manager and I sent the email.

After a meeting today I am now the race director for 4 local races. Waiting for more details but I’m very excited to be on this path!!


What are you striving for??

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