Challenge AC – Day 1

I figured I would get this posted today because we won’t have internet access for the next 2 days. Apparently, it is $11 a day for internet at the Showboat.

Yesterday we got all packed up and headed out to Atlantic City. We were looking forward to it since I don’t remember much of the last time I was here! I’m pretty sure we brought ALL THE THINGS!! I brought 1 duffle and 1 book bag. Check out this picture of our packing with a photobomb by the new rocketship (a.k.a the bike)


We arrived in AC at about 4:30. Checked into our hotel room and headed to the expo. The packet said the expo lasted until 6pm so we figured we had plenty of time. We got the the expo around 5:15. Checked in at the USAT table, got the packet info, and then the gear bags. Ran through the expo to get the chip because they decided to close the expo at 5:30 for the pasta party. This was after we found out they have been posting the wrong swim temps (the swim is in the bay not the ocean), waves had changed (a little), and the gear bags were no longer a color as stated in the event guide. They have also added additional cut-offs during the ride and the run. Guess what! I will no longer allow the hubs to do a Challenge Family race. Based on the emails from the race director (Jon had questions), the expo treatment, and all the last minute changes this is NOT a friendly race at all.

Now for Atlantic City. I have seen all the Do/AC ads and was actually looking forward to coming to the beach! I feel like I’m stepped back into the 80’s. The casinos are not smoke-free so it smells like an ashtray. I have no desire to spend any length of time in the casino. If I had the choice between here and going to the casinos in MD, I would choose MD hands-down every time. If they are trying to attract millennials they are failing miserably! No amenities in the hotels to force you to gamble but it smells TERRIBLE!! HEY I’ve got a good idea! Let’s bring super in-shape athletes to a place where they encourage smoking and general grossness!

So now I’m off to work the expo for Team Challenge and then we will go rack the bike and turn in the gear bags. After that it is a race meeting and then meeting Jen & Steph for dinner! Here’s hoping the next hotel will be ok!!


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