Clean all the things!

We have have a lot of improvements made on the outside of our house. Well, we were forced to put on a new roof after we bought the house, stupid insurance! We also had a stucco issue so we had that fixed and we figured we might as well have it painted and just be done with the outside.  I mean, they power washed our house and it was basically white, it was originally tan!

Before and after! I love these shots

Over the weekend, we worked on the yard a bit and I cleaned the outside of all the windows. We also sprayed down our Florida room. See, our house was empty for we think 3 years before we bought it. Prior to that we think the older couple that lived here didn’t (or wasn’t able) to maintain much. So, it seems that we are fixing and cleaning 5 years (at least) worth of dirt and grime. Now, we’ve lived here since July but with work and stuff we haven’t really had the time to REALLY clean. That is what this week is.

Now, I had 3 days of vacation I had to use or lose before the end of the year so I decided to take this whole week off! I have a LONG list of home projects I want to get accomplished. Yesterday, I rented a steam cleaner and steam cleaned the sofas and all of the carpets!

Today is cleaning the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms.

Wednesday is a painting project day. I also want to start working on organizing the garage from the explosion that was my work events.

I can say that there is very little more satisfying then power washing dirt off of things. I don’t know why but I find it to be lots of fun!

Operation Deep Clean is a go! Does anyone else have have these types of weeks?

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