Core Foods review

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I was given the opportunity to test out CORE Foods. We were sent 3 defender meal flavors – Raw Cashew Cacao, Raw Almond Raisin, and Raw Walnut Banana.


You keep them in the freezer until you are ready to eat them. Here is a little more about them from the CORE foods website:

Uhhh, what’s a CORE Meal? CORE Meals are FRESH portable food. They’re as convenient as packaged products, but they’re not candy, they’re food. Each pack is 4 hours of stable, balanced energy. Grab instead of breakfast when you’re in a rush, or after a workout for a solid recovery.

What makes you think this food’s healthy? Here’s the short answer:

  1. FRESH. Our food goes bad quickly. It doesn’t sit on the shelf forever.

  2. FOOD. We use 5-7 raw organic, locally grown ingredients. We leave out the candy.

  3. NOT FOR PROFIT. We focus on quality, and leave the money out of it.

So I solicited my husband to help with with this task. Mostly, because I like to give an honest opinion and it sometimes helps to get 2!

Kim’s Review:

I ate the Raw Cashew Cacao. I’ll be honest I didn’t care for it. I’m very iffy about textures and this one has a weird consistency. However, my main issue with this one was that it tasted like eating cocoa powder straight from the container. I couldn’t even eat the whole bar. It also had a weird aftertaste I couldn’t get used too!

However, Jon kind of liked it. So I had him write a review up for me on the one he ate! Please keep in mind my husband works in statistics for a living!

Jon’s CORE foods review:

The product is generally similar to other power bars or energy bars in consistency.  It was not overly hard or crunchy but was not soft and mushy.  At first, there was a hint of banana nut and the texture was not at all too bad.  However, the consumer was soon hit with a distinct power-bar aftertaste of protein and neutral ingredients.  After a few bites, the aftertaste from the first bite was overpowering the rest of the product.

On the whole, I would say this product is on par with other products, such as Cliff Bars or PowerBars in terms of overall taste and consistency.  I am not a big fan of the traditional Cliff bars and so would give this bar a 2.5/5 star rating.

Size: 3/5

Consistency: 3/5

Taste: 2/5

Texture: 2/5

Aftertaste: 1/5

So, if you would like to learn more about CORE foods and give it a shot head over to their Facebook for a free coupon! Those that are eating clean might really enjoy these!

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