Coros Pace watch review

Disclaimer: I received a Coros Pace watch to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


I was lucky enough over the last month or so to test out the new Coros Pace Multisport watch


This is the first watch from Coros and for the most part they’ve nailed it! It does all of the normal things run, bike, swim. It covers these activities for both indoor and outdoor activities. It also has heart rate integrated and tracks your steps!

I would do a full in-depth analysis but DC rainmaker has already done an amazing job and you can check it out here!

I’m going to give you the average person’s analysis on it! For starters, it has the best watch band I’ve ever used. It is super flexible and lightweight! I even forget that I’m wearing it. It isn’t like other multisport watches that are super large or bulky.

Note – when you start using it make sure you go into the app and change to imperial (miles) instead of metric (KM). If you are American, otherwise, you will get super confused on your first run!


When you swim with the watch, the heart-rate monitor can track your heart-rate event when underwater. No need for a separate, special chest strap. It will show you stroke rates, GPS, heart rate, stroke style, and more.


On the bike (and in general), it is quick to connect to the GPS signal. I found that it has a very accurate speed while riding. My other watch was usually a little behind the coros. The only real downside I found to it on the bike was that it doesn’t have a quick-release option.


I even had the opportunity to test it out in a local sprint triathlon. the numbers were spot on! It is super easy to switch from sport to sport. It even says “next” right next to the button to switch to the next sport.

It must also be stated that the battery life for this was is stellar! It has easily been 2 weeks and multiple workouts since I’ve charged it and it still has more than 50% battery.

You can check out my youtube review where I go over a lot of these things – 

All in all, I totally recommend the Coros pace watch! The company is coming out with updates pretty frequently! There are a few things that need to be updated but the company has told us they are doing a massive update in June! That’s the nice thing about a new product, they are constantly updating! Once they make these updates in June, the pace watch will be my go-to multisport watch!

If you want to check it out or get one of your own you can get it here –

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