Countdown to Disney

This time next week I will (hopefully) be celebrating having completed my 2nd marathon, the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Mickey Marathon. Apparently, my mental game has decided to come back, thankfully. Basically, I know I am under-trained but there is nothing I can do at this time.

So, then my focus goes to Triathlon training. I’m following a 16 week training plan and it will begin on February 16. My first triathlon is on June 8 so that is not a long time to get ready!! When we get back from Florida I’ll have about 3 weeks to prepare to start the training. I’m an avid follower of Running with Jess and she posted this awesome weekly planning page (check it out here). I plan on using these when I get back. I want to build up my over-all fitness and get better at swimming before I get into my real training plan.

Here comes 2013!! How is your training going?

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