Date night…at the pool?

So when you are married (and/or dating, have kids, etc. I don’t have these but I’m sure these folks are busy) it is important to find time to spend together. Now I don’t know about everyone else, but that can be a seriously hard thing to do. So a while back Jon and I decided that Friday nights would be date night. We have been pretty consistent with it. However, we have found that Friday night is also a good night for both of us to go to the gym. So the last few Friday’s have been swim and smoothie night at the gym.

I have the Annapolis 10 miler next weekend, he is in full training for the Baltimore Marathon in October, and we are both training for undermined triathlons. So what is better then a night at the pool? So we packed our bags and headed to the gym. We find it helps our cause to share a lane (isn’t it nice to share) we also can talk while waiting to start the next lap.

They say it is good in relationships to have similar interests, make time for one another, share things. Note: there is also something to be said for girl time and along time but I digress. I have to say this is working really well. Tonight we did 500 yards. Standard for him and an extra 100 yards for me. Then we went and had dinner at Whole Foods and picked up a few things.

I’m going to veer off here for a minute. So Jon is a ski patroller during the winter in PA. So he has this mandatory training class where they always do a potluck. This years theme is “tropical”. So tell me why as the person who lives the furthest away (4 hours) does he offer to make the main dish? So now tomorrow at some point I have to make O’hana coriander chicken wings. O’hana is hawaiian and that is tropical, at least in my opinion. He has been instructed from now on to offer dessert! BOYS?!?!

Anywho, back to the pool. I really need to work up a better training schedule. Right now it is kind of haphazard, couple days of swimming, couple running, couple biking. My RP Megan has a pretty good plan for marathon training. Maybe I’ll just do that and add swim & bike on off days.

How is everyone else’s training going?

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