Deadlines on goals are important


Oh man, thanks Cynthia, for the reminder! In this world of instant gratification it can be easy to forget about the long term in exchange for the “right now”! However, it is important to set mini goals and see yourself either succeeding or failing so you can know what to adjust! If you’ve been following me, and I’ve seen an uptick in views, then you know I’ve been working towards some goals. Find a new job, lose weight, etc etc. I figured now was a good a time as any to check in with those things.

  1. New job – CHECK!! The boy and I like to pick dates for accomplishments. When things started going downhill we picked a date. I needed to find a job by XX. Our date was Friday, April 11. Exactly 1 week after my big event! Why do we do this? Because having a date makes you work for it. We also make sure to have a condition attached to this! There has to be a threat to your failure in order to make it worthwhile! And it worked! I turned in my notice, with a new job, on Thursday, April 10 (1 day before my deadline)!!

  1. Lose Weight – ongoing! My goal in 2016 is to lose 40 pounds! This will put me into a much healthier weight! However, I like to break it up into mini goals. Once I switched to the new trainer the goal was 15lbs by May 1 or roughly 1.5lbs a week! Totally doable!! I am currently sitting at 13.5lbs down with 1.5 weeks to go!!

  1. Rekindle love of running – starting! I signed up for races!! And I’m actually excited about them. It has been a long time since I’ve said that. My current goal is to start at the beginning and get a faster 5K time. Goal race – Independence Day 5K on July 4!! I’m signing up for race again for fun! I even signed up for 2017 Disney Half Marathon which I’m jazzed about!

  1. Find a way to enjoy exercising – Hello, Orange Theory! – My problem is that I am lazy. I say this because once I’m in the house the call of the PJs sings to me their sweet sweet comfy song! I’m starting to think I have a distain for pants. Not in a “I want to walk around in public without pants” kinda way but in a “I hate picking out pants or outfits” kinda way. Sorry, way off topic there! Anyway, I got a buddy and now I drag myself out of the house at 7:30pm 3x a week to do my workouts! I feel great, I don’t have the guilt, and my waistline thanks me!

What are some of your goals with deadlines? What is everyone else working towards? Yes, I’m blatantly using this as a way to see what everyone else is doing!

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