Dedication not motivation

So to say I fell off the wagon this winter would be an understatement. However, I think I really needed it. I needed to shutdown. I needed to regroup and really remember why I started running to begin with. Why was it not as satisfying as it used to be? Why was it not a challenge? Why was I just not that into it anymore? My motivation and dedication were completely depleted.

Then I got a new job! I am now working full-time from home. I work with a team who is going for their goals and it is inspiring. The other day I had my workout epiphany. I needed hard and fast goals. Goals that had a specific factor. Be it to finish, or finish in a particular time. I could see the outcome and I would have to work for it.

I’m not going to post my goals here. They are my goals. I drew them up on poster board and made it look awesome. It now hangs in our bedroom. My husband is aware of my plan and had helped me formulate a plan and we are working together for both of our goals.

I can say that my one goal is to finish my first Olympic triathlon. Which I have signed up for in October. I know what I need to do. I have a plan and I’m excited to execute it!!


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