Detach coconut review

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It’s August in Florida so when the opportunity to try out a different type of electrolyte drink! Detach Coconut fit the bill! I liked that it didn’t have all the crazy chemicals and additives that other drinks have. See for yourself!


Now, I’m an odd duck in the fact that I like coconut flavor but I’m not a huge fan of coconut itself. So, I was taking a leap of faith here that I would enjoy the flavor of Detach. I was pleasantly surprised. I used it during some indoor rides, after outdoor rides, post-run, all different times.


It has a very subtle flavor to it. Honestly, I really can’t tell that it’s coconut water. I taste more of the citrus flavoring. It goes down easy and is very easy on the stomach. It’s just a good post-workout drink. Or, if you are in need of the extra, a during the day drink!


If you are looking for a new drink this is definitely one to try. Get a free case when you when you order at just pay the $14.95 S&H.

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