Disney half marathon recap 2017 – the year of the cheer

or my 0.0 half marathon!

Not my medal

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts my Disney half marathon got cancelled. However, I did find the awesome above hat at the outlet when I took Amber and Casey to get cold weather gear at Under Armour.

So, Amber and Casey were running the Dopey, Jon was running the marathon, and I was doing the half marathon. As we were getting ready for bed on Friday night, at 7pm people started posting on Facebook that signs were out that the race was delayed…and then cancelled

I am glad Disney made the call that they did. We all awoke at 1am to CRAZY thunderstorms. There is no way that the race staff could have been setting up anything for the race in that weather. The thunderstorms did continue until mid-morning. Disney also offered up a truly amazing refund option. You could get your money back, trade for park tickets, or transfer into another Disney race within 24 months! SAY WHAT? Seriously, for a race that could have said “sorry you are SOL” this was pretty nice.

We said “let’s run” Casey said “no”

Instead, on Saturday we made the best of it and since I wasn’t going to have any race photos I took photos around with my race shirt on! I also realized that since I carbloaded for a half marathon I needed to do A LOT of walking the next 2 days.

I did not “do it”

Run from the stormtroopers!

At this point my race weekend became a sherpa/cheer weekend! I was already planning to cheer everyone on I wasn’t as excited cause I didn’t get to run. Also, it was crazy cold! Like, I haven’t been this cold in Florida EVER

My day started off with the three of them at 3am. Due to the cold, I changed my plans so that we could drive the car to Epcot and stay warmer just a little bit longer! However, I didn’t think this through very well.

So FYI if you ever Disney marathon cheer please note any asterisks in the printed instructions. It said spectator cheering from 7:15am – 1pm at mile 24 in Epcot. However, there was a little unnoticed * next to it which indicated that Epcot didn’t actually open until 9am.

Decisions, decisions

At about 4:45am they all headed to corrals and I had to figure out my situation. I was at Epcot. I couldn’t move the car anywhere cause roads closed. The plan was to go an cheer at Boardwalk around mile 23. I had promised marathoners I would be there with snacks, and life sustaining nourishment. Note: getting to any Epcot resort on race morning is a pain in the ass. After walking around the parking lot for 20 minutes looking for the car, I charged up my phone and decided sitting in the car for 2 hours sucked and hopped onto the monorail headed for ticket and transportation.

Now, I figure at least TTC could get me to other places. I stayed there and cheered as Lauren, Jon, Bob, and Jay came through! I also cheered Meghann as she came past but I don’t think she saw me. I wish she would have cause based on her race report I could have given her nutrition for the rest of the run 😦

It is at this point that I notice a bus that says “Hollywood Studios” and lightbulb! If I can get there I can walk the path to Boardwalk. The nicest bus driver said that indeed they were taking spectators to the different parks so I hopped on. First time I’ve ever had a Disney bus to myself

He and I chatted for a bit and I told him my crazy story for the morning. How awesome is Disney magic?? He dropped me off at boardwalk instead of studios!! Thank you Mr. Disney bus driver! I took that opportunity to use a real bathroom. I grabbed coffee and a sandwich from the boardwalk bakery and started on my walk! It was at this fun point that my bag broke…

“It no break..it broke”

Ugh! So I tie the straps together and keep trekking along! I get to my spot and boardwalk and really regret not bringing a chair with me! Katie joined me around 10am, right after the boys passed me. At one point, it was so cold that my phone just straight up died. Hence very few photos from cheering. Jon finished his race and then came to join me!

Why are his race photos always so damn good?

Like seriously!

I was happy to provide Meghann with a Hershey bar and Gatorade and send her onto her finish! She was our last speedy runner. We hung out and handed out pretzels and twizzlers to runners until Janice, Tricia, and Nicole came through around 12. Handed off the sugar and sodas to them before they headed off for their finishes! We stayed put until Amber and Casey came through right before 1pm (Side note: I forgot how long cheering at a marathon is).

I recommend that everyone who has ever had sherpas return the favor! Bring snacks because you are much more appreciated by the runners! Maybe I didn’t get to run my race but I’m so happy for my friends who rocked their marathons! I am currently waiting on my link from RunDisney to try again for next year’s half!! Hope to see you all there!!

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