Do I haveta??

Yes, I know haveta is not a word but it is my blog and I’m using it!

Emotions are running high at work this week. So, when I get home I really have no desire to workout. I just want to sit around, watch TV, and eat Reese Bells (they are the best I prefer their chocolate to PB ratio).

However, signing up for the Holiday streak with Runner’s World has given me the encouragement to actually do something. Every night I say, ugh I just need to get in 1 mile, but I get it in! I’m happy to say I have gotten it in almost every day since Thanksgiving! I did miss yesterday but work ran late and I didn’t get home in time. However, that just means I will do extra miles tonight!

I love the feeling of accomplishing something I have set a goal for. Sadly, I’m not motivated by “getting faster”. Would I like to be a faster runner? Yes! However, it is just not something that pushes me, the plan isn’t laid out exactly how I must do it! The holiday streak is simple, run 1 mile every day, that’s easy to follow. I’m a simple person!

Do I worry that I’m not getting enough miles in before January? ABSOLUTELY! However, you can only play the cards you are dealt, and I am doing my best. I will finish this week having completed 13 miles, which is the most in quite some time. Not including the spin class and the weight training!

Next, I tack nutrition! I’m working out more and eating more! Time to find a balance!

What get’s you off the couch and to the gym?

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