Doms, Doms, Doms


Did anyone warn you about these things? DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness are a real thing! Is this like one of those pregnancy pains kinda thing? Like everyone knows how crazy painful it is but no one really talks about it or remedies? Or maybe they forget about the soreness cause they are too busy flexing or something!

I am 3 weeks into my new diet and training plan. I have to say that I actually enjoy going to the gym and getting in a really good workout. What I can’t say I like is waking up at 3am because I rolled over AND. IT. HURT.

What is weird is that it happens like 2 days after. With running it hurts the next day and then things start to get better. Not weight lifting its like “SURPRISE, we fooled you”

If you are feeling my pain then welcome sisters and brothers! If not, then I’m told you aren’t trying hard enough…I kid, I kid!

I think it is time to take out stock in massage therapy and epsom salts!!

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