Don’t neglect your gut!


For the last, I’d say 6 years I’ve been complaining to my doctors. It kind of went like this

Me: “hey doc. I’m training for a (half marathon, marathon, triathlon). I’m not losing any weight and I’m tired all the time, even after 8 hours of sleep. What do I do”

Doc: “I recommend diet and exercise.”

Me: I’m almost vegetarian and I’m working out 3 – 4 days a week. This doesn’t make any sense. My weight keeps going up”

Doc: “I recommend diet and exercise”

This conversation went on (5 different doctors) until I found my current doctor. He’s also a runner/triathlete and he listens. I told him the above and he said let’s do some tests. We ruled out my thyroid and diabetes (runs in the family). After a few months and no changes, we did a more extensive supplement test. You know what we found?

I had almost ZERO good gut bacteria! I’ve been constantly eating and tired because the bacteria in my gut wasn’t doing its job! So, very little of the nutrients I needed were actually getting into my system. I kept being hungry and eating because my body was trying to get what it needed! I was craving sugar to keep my energy up!

I’m now on a double probiotic and a pack of vitamins. I’m also adding fiber and yogurt to my smoothies in the AM now. I’ve been on them for a week and it is crazy! My training hasn’t changed at all but I’m significantly less hungry. The cravings, for the most part, are gone. I’m sleeping through the night and I’m feeling WAY less tired all day like I was before. It is like night and day!

I’m telling everyone I can! Check your gut! Add the yogurt, the kimchi, the saukraut! Take a probiotic and keep your gut happy! It could make all the difference for you too!

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