Dragonfly Heart – Race Report

So yesterday was my first triathlon of the season. Strategically placed the week before my Team Challenge team heads off to their goal race of Tri Rock Philly!

I was really excited about this race. Piranha Sports does quality races and I was using this to gauge a little for upcoming goal races. You know, what do I need to work on, where could I use some help, etc? However, after the Zooma 10K I was a little nervous about the run and my ankle issues. The plan was to A) survive the swim, b) pound it out on the bike, c) get through the run. Not ideal circumstances but a plan.

Megan and I got to the transition early and were the first ones to be all set-up. I had a great spot on the rack and we were super close to the bike out. We got all set-up and then got a blanket out of the car and just hung out to watch the kids races. The best part about Piranha events are that they are super chill and everyone is great!

This event had a kids tri first. So you got to see these super awesome kids do amazing before you start (one 13 yr old even had the same type of bike as me). One they were done it was our turn. There were 2 waves one of men and one of women.

So here comes the part where you learn the race is out to get you. Our wave went 5 minutes after the men. The current was pushing us to the left so they warned us ahead of time. Reaching that first buoy was a b*tch. And the kayaker was moving it saying it had moved about 20 feet and there were about 20 of us there. We started what was supposed to be a “with the current” swim to the next buoy. However, the kayakers got all confused about them detaching and were in the sight line of the next buoy. We totally couldn’t see it. To top it off the kayaker had apparently tied it to hit kayak and we couldn’t see it or get around him. So about 10 of us totally missed the turn and went way off course. The kayakers and lifeguards just started screaming and freaking out. Which FYI is not helpful. At one point I stopped, started treading water, and took off my goggles to see where I was and how the hell to get back!

Total time – 22:26 (goal time 13 minutes)

T-1: Cursing all the way to my bike I sat down, put on my socks and shoes, and took some water. I just had to chill a minute after that. Total time: 2:40

Bike – ok the bike was amazing. This was a great bike course. A couple gradual hills but really a flat course. I was seriously pushing it. The turn around was a little scary with sand and gravel but I made a slow turn and was good. There was definitely a headwind coming back but nothing too terrible. This was my first race with clip pedals and it was great! I was able to clip in and out and didn’t fall over WIN!!

Total time: 47:26 (my fastest bike to date)

T2 – so the timing mat for the bike was at transition a little ways from the dismount. Sadly, my watch said 45 min for the bike and then this dude running with his bike fell in front of me on the way to transition. Adds a little time but whatevs. Got in racked my bike (which was hard since the rack was probably the same height as my neck), switched shoes, hat, belt w/bib and I was off!  Total time: 1:50

Run – This was the part I was dreading and rightfully so. This was my slowest 2.5 miles. My Achilles said “screw you” at .5 miles. I pushed myself through that run. I was determined to finish!! And I did but by the time I got to the run I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Total run time: 32:32

Total race time: 1:46:57

I learned that sometimes you have to deal with things in races out of your control. I do wish that the kayakers had been more in control of things but what can you do? I’m working with my doc now to get to a PT doc and fix this Achilles issue and hopefully I’ll be good to go for my race in August!


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