Duathlon training Week 1 recap

This was my first official week of training with my new multisport coach. I am officially trying to be my goat! My coaching team is called Goat Fit and the goal is to be your “greatest of all time (G.O.A.T). I love it!!

This was also my first week of heart rate zone training! I had 1 goal this week and that was to actually complete every workout. I tend to be a 3 – 4 day a week workout person and this week had 6 days of workouts.

Day 1 – Rest Day! Monday’s are rest days. I can handle this day! Although, I’ve been informed that during the “building phase” it should be active rest. BLAH!

Day 2 – Strength & run – 60 minutes strength training and a 20 minute Z2 run. I did a 45 minute strength workout and 20 minute Z2 run which I still count as a win! I have learned that Z2 running is basically walking for me.


Excited to be back on the Honey Stinger Hive team this year!

Day 3 – 45 minute Z2 ride & 30 minutes core – 45 minute Z2 ride complete and we have realized that we need to adjust my zones. I didn’t realize the core workout was there so that will be fixed this week!

Day 4 – Brick workout – 40 minute Z2 ride with Z3 intervals and a 5 minute run off the bike.


Trying to embrace Z2 workouts

Day 5 – 30 minute run – Z3 run for 30 minutes. These zone thingies are hard!

Day 6 – Long bike – 60 minute bike Ride in Z2/Z3 and it was a nice easy ride! I got brand new shoes and pedals so it was nice to get to try these out on the road!


learning my new pedals

Day 7 – today! 45 minute Z2 run. Or in my case power walk! I keep reminding myself that there is a method to their madness and I’m trying to embrace the slow…


I did also get the opportunity to pick up this read on training your brain! “The Brave Athlete. Calm the F*ck down” and I’m really looking forward to reading it now. They gave a great talk and I even got the book signed!

Now here’s hoping that my week 2 will be just as successful as week 1! 1 week down 11 more to go!