Dunedin Rotary Triathlon race recap

This race was something else. This was my first real sprint triathlon in 2 years. I did the Lycra and Lace triathlon but the swim wasn’t really all that much. This was real. The conditions of this race ended up being worse than the Baltimore Triathlon 5 years ago that I DNF.

Jon and I arrived at about 6am to head off to transition. They assigned numbers by last name so this was the first time that Jon and I were able to be side-bside on the same rack in transition. As we were setting up it started spitting rain a bit. We knew there was a chance of rain but we were hoping it would hold off. (spoiler alert, it didn’t). We had a group photo at 6:45am so we headed to the tent once we got everything setup.

Swim – This is my weak point. I am not a swimmer. I kinda hate swimming. The only reason I swim is because I like triathlon. Needless to say, I am not a confident swimmer. As we are standing there it starts to rain on and off.


exiting the swim

The water was pretty calm. I told my coach that I hoped to finish in 20 minutes and she looked at me like I was crazy and just said “okkkk”. I came out of the swim and said 10 minutes! Not too shabby!


Swim time – 10:45

Transition – Due to the conditions predicted and the fact that they said if the conditions were wet we would be REQUIRED to dismount on the drawbridge, I decided to switch to my flat pedals. Transition 1 had me putting on my socks and running shoes so it took a little longer.

Bike – I was really nervous about this bike. Everyone said it was a tight course because it is a 2 look course. Due to being in the next to last swim wave it meant that I was starting my first loop as the fast kids were starting their second lap. Add to that the really wet conditions and crowded course and I was really nervous. There was a bit of a headwind on the way out but that meant we had a nice tailwind coming back. I did learn a very valuable lesson at the race. Be sure to read before registering. I did not realize there were 2 bridges. The turnarounds were a bit sketchy but I made it happen. The second loop of the bike ended up being the best loop. I had way more space to myself and was really able to push it. I started playing a game where I came down the hill and tried to keep that 23mph for as long as I could. It was my fastest 12 mile bike which given the wind,rain, and hills was awesome!


back into transition

Bike time – 47:56

Transition 2 – grab hat, belt, and some water! Back out there!

Run – I kept calling this the Jumanji run. Again with the reading things before registering. It started out in the parking lot and then make a quick left onto the beach (ugh soft sand) for about a half mile. Then a right turn onto trails. All trails! Jon called it a “technical course” because there were lots of roots and such. About a mile and a half in I tripped on a root and twisted my foot. I wasn’t hurt but it threw me a bit. I was out there pretty much alone and then I heard it. The rain coming to get me, and it did! The mile markers were off by a half mile and that was frustrating. I mean, if you aren’t going to do it right then just don’t do it! I finished the run and I was kinda done. I did sprint to the finish cause my coach yelled at me to do it!


Run – 42:42

Race total – 1:45:09 (my fastest sprint to date)


All in all it was a good race because it forced me to face the challenge of bad weather racing. It was also a wake up call to what I need to be working on for my goal race in July! Way more running off the bike and more open water swimming! This is a nice little race. However, I can see how it is a little scary with good weather. If some of those people could have really thrown down and it was more crowded it would have been a lot more challenging. I might still try again next year!


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