Embracing the downhills

I have to admit I have a fear of falling and possibly of losing control. I’ve been aware of this because I absolutely hate to fly. However, I experienced it last year when training for the Ft. Richie triathlon. I was nursing an injury and it hurt like hell going down this crazy 4 mile downhill. Thinking back though how much of that was me actually being scared of the downhills?


This past weekend I went on an amazing bike ride with a new friend here in Tampa. She wanted to practice hills because she has a bridge in an upcoming race. We went up the overpass and then on the way down I kind of freaked. There was a lot of speed and there was a merge point with the trail at the bottom and I was clipped in. So MANY things at one time.

I was proud because on the way back I didn’t avoid the overpass, even though we could have, and we went up and over. However, I used my brake…a lot… and that doesn’t make me happy. I feel like this might be a metaphor for life! So I’m hopeful to head back to the trail over the next few weeks and really EMBRACE THE DOWNHILLS.

I’m tired of avoiding, bypassing, and sitting out of things that scare me.

How about you?