End of season #Tribox

Oh it is that fun fun time again! The excitement of the October Tribox. I was super excited cause this month’s box had a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting to try!


In this month’s box you will find:

The Motivate Wrap – ok I’ve seen these things around. While they are very soft and super comfy I just don’t get it. Maybe it is because I’m not one of those people that motivational sayings while running work for. I’m also not a fan of bracelets. But if motivational bracelets are your thing you should totally check them out!! Like I said they are comfy!

Orgain – This is a certified organic nutritional shake. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but hey why not check it out??

Powerful Yogurt Bar – Gluten free, all natural, high protein! The yogurt creme flavor is also pretty tasty!

Quest Protein Chips – I love quest products and I’ve been really wanting to try these cause I mean who doesn’t love chips??? They sent BBQ flavor. While they are not as satisfying as Lay’s they still have that crunch that I crave!!

BeeCause Charms – Ok if you don’t know about these I’m worried about you! I’ve already got 2 of these in Disney style!! I wear elastic laces on my tri shoes so these don’t work so great but I have them on my regular shoes cause they are super cute!!

Zensah Compression – I’ve been using Zensah for a while now! They are awesome, check them out!!

Allergease, SK Energy Shots, Pacebands, Gu Root Beer flavor, 18 Rabbits Mango Strawberry Bar, Nuun, Sporti Latex swim cap

This box was so packed fulla goodies they had to send it in a bigger package to fit it all!! You know you wanna try it out!! Check out www.runnerbox.com and pick out a box geared to runners or triathletes. You could even send your favorite athlete a box as a gift!! Even better use code KTTRIRB for 10% off your order!!

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