#EquallyInspiring by Tri Equal


OK so we’ve announced it on Tri Equal’s Equally Inspiring Blog so I can talk about it here now. I’m super excited to be volunteering with Tri Equal. The group formed right before I started working at IRONMAN. Since their cause is getting 50 professional women to the start line at Kona (IM World Championships) and Ironman does not agree I had to “toe the company line” so to speak!

I think it is funny that I have spent more time talking to professional triathletes working with this group then I ever did working for Ironman. Yesterday, we posted our bios to the blog to make it official and I ended up seeing myself on their facebook pages – CRAZY!

Anywho, I contacted them not long after I left the big I-M and not surprisingly got a pretty quick response. I mean if it were me I’d totally want the gossip but thankful these women are amazing and they didn’t really press me for any details! Then about a month later I get a really excited email from Alyssa wanting me to co-lead the #Equallyinspiring program!

One of the biggest things I loved about Iron Girl was reading all the stories and talking to all the first time women (something I think IM greatly undervalues and underappreciates) but that isn’t what this post is about!

It seemed like a perfect fit. We’ve had a couple bumps along the way but all-in-all I think Val and I have taken a really good program and given it a little more structure and consistency. We’ve divided the care of the program so I will be managing the coaches while Val (a previous participant) will be managing the athletes. Val is amazing and we work so well together! I’m super excited to actually get this program going!

So if you are looking to donate your coaching services to a first-time female triathlete or want to apply to receive 3-months of free coaching from a professional coach join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/50womentokona/ or at Triequal.org

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