Excalibur 10 miler race report

Oh man, what can I say about this race. I know it dates me but I keep thinking of that scene from 10 Things I hate about you. 


I’m excited to be doing the 4 year challenge they have because, well, chalice & crown, but if it wasn’t for that this would be a one and done. I also think that they 10 miler is the prefect distance! This year was the emerald challenge!


Rocked my new Sparkleskirt and 73 Threads tank!

The nice part was that parking was stupid easy! We drove right up to the school with no issues. Downside, was that we waited for easily 35  – 40 minutes to use the bathroom because there were ONLY 4 STALLS! They hadn’t purchased any portable toilets for the start/finish area.We walked to the start area with minutes to spare.

This race started with a sword fight by Medieval Times. The script the princess was reading was super cute but since it was pitch dark out you couldn’t really see the sword fight.They lit the area as best they could but I think the swordsman were having a hard time seeing also. So the concept is that you register and pick a knight (red or blue) then at the beginning you stand on either side and cheer for your knight. Downside, is if you didn’t coordinate with your running partner you pretty much lost them! I chose to stick with Tricia instead! After the knights fight “you can stay and fight and surely die or you can RUN and save your life”. SUPER CUTE! They then walk you to the start like like 500 feet away and the race begins.

This race was very crowded. It didn’t let up until about mile 4 (its only 10 miles). The streets are not closed to traffic so you had 1 lane for runners and 1 lane for cars.


This was basically my view for the first 4 miles. I was run walking but with so many people you really couldn’t get around. I did a ridiculous amount of weaving. To the point where I got interval shamed by a walker! SERIOUSLY!

I let Tricia go around mile 1 because she was feeling it more than I was. However, I passed her at a portable toilet at mile 3 and never saw her again. Apparently, she waited for 10 -1 15 minutes because there were only 2!

Then, there was 2 miles of dirt road. Thank goodness it hadn’t rained cause that would have been a muddy, cement-like, road for 2 miles if it had! I mean you basically ran on a dirt path through a private farm. Then you come back out to a road and run sidewalks until you get back to the school. I know most runs are pretty plain but with such a creative theme I was hoping for more!

The finish line arch looked like a castle so that was pretty awesome! The post race food line was pretty long but moved fast. The boys said there was soup, chicken, and pizza. The chicken was gone when we finished but the lentil and kale soup was DELISH! I didn’t even touch the pizza.

All in all this is a super flat course that if you are a fast runner you could totally PR. Hunter and Connor (the 15 years olds I was with) both PRed by about 8 minutes. My final time was 2:25:36 which wasn’t bad for me since I hadn’t trained or actually run more than 30 minutes at a time in the last month. So, if you are looking for a simple race with a decent theme the Excalibur 10 miler might be good for you. If you need Disney -like theatrics then steer clear of this one!


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